Biden Admits Prices Are ‘Too High for Too Many Things,’ But Points the Blame Away from Himself

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When a man who has spent his adult life getting a government check starts telling Americans how they should run their businesses, the country should take it for what it’s worth.

But that’s exactly what President Joe Biden was doing on Monday when he used a White House address to grudgingly admit the inflation that’s ravaging American consumers.

And then quickly placed the blame exactly where it doesn’t belong.

In the speech, which introduced yet another government measure to control the economy — this one laughably titled the “White House Council on Supply Chain Resilience,” Biden as much as said the prices Americans are paying for goods and services are too high, but he had only one culprit in mind — the one that Democrats turn to whenever they need a whipping boy.

“Let me be clear: To any corporation that has not brought their prices back down — even as inflation has come down, even as supply chains have been rebuilt — it’s time to stop the price gouging, giving the American consumer a break,” the president said.

In this case, it would be nice if Biden took his own advice and gave the American people a break from the Democratic boilerplate blame game that puts all the evils of the world on the shoulders of shadowy, unnamed “corporations.”

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