Biden Calls Allied Foreign Leader ‘Loon,’ Term Stricken Out in Official White House Transcript

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On the final day of his Asian tour, President Joe Biden muffed the name of South Korea’s leader, calling him “President Loon.”

The gaffe was among several on the trip that ended Sunday.

The official White House transcript fixed the error.

“I’ve spoken at length with President Loon [Yoon] of South Korea. He came to Washington of late,” Biden said, before launching into a thorny policy venture.

“He’s agreed — we’re all of the same agreement that, in fact, we are not going to — we’re maintaining — we all agree we’re going to maintain the One China policy, which says — everybody kind of forgets — I mean, you all know it, but the public kind of forgets that it says that neither country, Japan — I mean, China or Taiwan — neither er- — territory can independently declare what they’re going to do. Period. There has to be a mutually agreed to outcome,” Biden said, according to the transcript.

The transcript also noted that more than once, Biden referred to Japanese Prime Minster Fumio Kishida as “president.”

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