Biden demands $10 BILLION more in Covid funds after extending 'health emergency' to April

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Biden finalized yet another request for Covid funding this week, coming as the Biden administration is expected to extend once again the public health emergency regarding the virus. The money is intended to be used to create more vaccines and for foreign Covid aid.

Biden has reportedly finalized a request to Congress for around $10 billion dollars in public health funds, according to six people who spoke anonymously with the Washington Post.

This amount would include $8.25 billion for Covid-response efforts, including the successor program to Operation Warp Speed, which is called by some “Project Covid Shield.” Also being debated is around $2 billion for other public health efforts, including around $1 billion for global Covid response and $750 million to combat diseases like hepatitis C and monkeypox.

Senior health officials and experts say that the funding is needed, noting a slowdown in people receiving the latest doses of the vaccine booster that could need a public education campaign to get more people on board, the fading efficacy of antivirals currently on the market, as well as the demand for new vaccines and treatments for future variants of the virus.

“While COVID-19 is no longer the disruptive force it once was, we face new subvariants in the US and around the world that have the potential to cause a surge of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths …” wrote one individual familiar with the budget discussions.

“That’s why we’re requesting $10 billion to meet immediate short-term domestic needs for resources like treatments; to accelerate the research and development of next-generation vaccines and therapeutics; to increase research into long COVID; and to support the global response to COVID-19.”

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