Biden Loses It Over Biggest Failure, Drops Word So Vulgar He Apologizes When Women Are Around: Book

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One of President Joe Biden’s selling points in the 2020 general election was that he was the adult in the room compared to former President Donald Trump.

Surely you’ve heard some variation of “Oh, I just can’t stand Trump’s foul mouth and temper, so I’m going to vote for Biden.” It’s the ultimate result of the establishment media’s nonstop spewing of anti-Trump rhetoric during his presidency.

Ironically enough, a new book aiming to romanticize Biden’s presidency thus far, “The Fight of His Life: Inside Joe Biden’s White House,” may have inadvertently pulled the curtain back a little too far, revealing an ugly, unprofessional side of Biden that might even make Trump blush.

According to excerpts obtained by Fox News, author Chris Whipple painted a picture of an elderly man at his wit’s end and lashing out at those around him in response.

Unsurprisingly, some of Biden’s alleged tirades involved an issue that he is embarrassingly familiar with — the border crisis.

One could argue that it’s Biden’s biggest failure yet, given that some of the other ongoing calamities in this country, such as raging inflation and soaring crime, can be attributed somewhat to outside factors.

But the border crisis? Biden has the capability to influence that disaster immediately and directly (like, say, with Title 42).

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