Biden Makes Fool of Himself at Factory, Can’t Even Sound Out What They Will Build

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Arizona has been going through many troubles lately.

From a long-running illegal immigration crisis stemming from the Biden administration’s open borders disaster to its ongoing controversies surrounding the Nov. 8 election, the Grand Canyon State is seeing its share of problems.

As if things were not bad enough already, on Tuesday Joe Biden came to visit.

No Biden appearance would be complete without some embarrassing gaffe occurring, and his visit to Phoenix was no exception.

Even though Biden only made brief remarks, he did manage to incorporate a disconcerting mental lapse into his speech.

As reported in November by the technology news website TechCrunch, Morris Chang, the founder of the semiconductor manufacturer TSMC, announced the Taiwan-based company was expanding plans for a factory being constructed in north Phoenix. Once completed, the factory is scheduled to begin production in 2024.

In addition to making a five-nanometer chip, Chang stated production of a more advanced three-nanometer chip is also planned for the site as a “phase two” expansion.

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