Biden Might Invoke Constitutional Amendment to Circumvent Negotiations with Republicans

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President Joe Biden said Sunday he believes he can raise the nation’s debt ceiling without striking a deal with Congress, but stopped short of saying he would do so.

“I’m looking at the 14th Amendment as to whether or not we have the authority — I think we have the authority,” Biden said in a news conference before leaving Japan, where he attended the G7 summit of world leaders, according to The Hill.

“The question is, could it be done and invoked in time that it would not be appealed, and as a consequence past the date in question and still default on the debt. That is a question that I think is unresolved.”

Last week, Politico reported that Biden administration officials have told progressives that invoking the 14th Amendment would be risky and was not an option Biden was actively considering.

The 14th Amendment says America’s public debt “shall not be questioned,” which some argue means Biden had the clout to raise the debt ceiling on his own.

Biden took both a collegial and confrontational tone Sunday, saying that he was encouraged that congressional leaders indicated they want to negotiate a deal to raise the debt ceiling and avoid default that would otherwise take place on June 1.

“So I’m assuming that we mean what we say and we’ll figure out a way to not have to default,” Biden said, according to the Hill.

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