Biden Releases Cryptic X Post After Taylor Swift’s Chiefs Win Super Bowl LVIII

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Well, that didn’t take long.

During the two-week lead-up to Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, we were repeatedly told that linking the Kansas City Chiefs, the team’s star tight end Travis Kelce and his girlfriend Taylor Swift to President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign was a dumb narrative at best, a conspiracy theory at worst.

For instance, I can’t tell you how many times I saw this Vivek Ramaswamy X post repeated in febrile pieces and social media jeremiads about Chiefs-Biden theories on the right getting out of control:

Now, Mr. Ramaswamy, a former presidential contender and corporate CEO, probably could have thought that one through better — but had none of the people wringing their hands over this tweet ever chanced upon sports radio? Ever? For five minutes?

About half the callers and a quarter of the hosts believe every big game is rigged when it doesn’t go their way. And one does not even need to venture onto the radio dial to find individuals like this. I know fellow Yankees fans who seem to believe the team would go 162-0 and undefeated through the playoffs every year if the umps didn’t have it out for them.

And, for that matter, it wasn’t as if there wasn’t some reason to believe that there was a rooting interest at 1600 Pennsylvania. A New York Times report last month indicated that the administration was putting a heavy emphasis on celebrity surrogates and influencers to come out for the president in 2024; Swift supported Biden in 2020, although that was a much more quiet form of support than what the White House apparently envisions this time.

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