Biden Starts to Comment on What He Was Diagnosed With, But Stops Mid-Sentence: ‘Well, Anyway…’

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Is there a type of neurosurgery that allows doctors to insert a filter between the part of the brain that forms thoughts and the mouth that expresses them? Asking for a president.

On Monday, Joe Biden addressed the International Association of Fire Fighters Legislative Conference in Washington. There was a gaffe, because of course there was; this was a day ending in “y,” after all — the ones where the putative leader of the free world will invariably say something regrettable.

What made Monday special was that it was a meta-gaffe. It was Biden giving us a window into a potential “why” for the slurred words, bizarre lies and non-sequiturs that have marked his rhetoric as president — and, going into the 2024 campaign cycle, that presents serious trouble.

The moment came when Biden was in the midst of full-on Uncle Joe anecdote mode: “As a kid in Claymont, Delaware — we moved down from Scranton. It used to be a steel town; there’s no steel anymore. There used to be Worth Steel. And I lived in an apartment complex when we moved down. And up the street was a little Catholic high sch- — grade school I went to called Holy Rosary,” Biden said.

“And right across the street was the Claymont Fire Hall, and that was a place where you got buried, you got married, you got — it was — it was the center of the town, for real, not a joke. And a lot of my buddies, we all either became firefighters, cops, or priests. And here I am. I wasn’t qualified for any of them.”

Leaving aside the fact that when Biden says something is “for real, not a joke,” it is definitely not either of those things. It’s a kind of aural Unisom that lulls reporters into thinking nothing’s going to happen. But then, like a cobra with gaffe-filled fangs, he strikes and sinks his teeth into the flesh of the corpus of inadvisable remarks:

“But, folks, it’s been part of my career my whole life,” Biden said. “And I’m not going to go through it all, but you literally — my fire company at home saved my life. I came back from a trip, after being away for a couple of days, and — I had these terrible headaches. I was diagnosed with having a — well, anyway. They had to take the top of my head off a couple times, see if I had a brain.

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