Biden Tells Giant Whopper While Overseas That’s Completely at Odds with History

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Anyone who pays attention knows that President Joe Biden is a serial teller of untruths, but the establishment media usually just ignores his many falsehoods — and sometimes they even amplify them. And he just did it again.

Biden’s latest whopper of a lie was disgorged in Hiroshima, Japan, while attending the G7 Summit there on Sunday. As he stood on stage, he began speaking of a diplomatic group to which the U.S., Australia, India, and Japan belong.

The organization is called “The Quad” and it is aimed at keeping the four nations in sync with policy and threats in the Indo-Pacific and South China Sea regions. So, as he spoke Biden blurted out an amazing and utterly false claim about this group of nations.

“I doubt many people in this audience or any other audience would’ve said that two years after being elected, I’d be able to convince India, Australia, Japan, and the United States to form an organization called ‘the Quad’ to maintain stability in the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea,” Joe smugly exclaimed.

Well, kudos, Joe. Only one problem, though. You didn’t convince anyone to do anything because “the Quad” predates your term in office.

As RNC Research said on its Twitter account, “The Quad was re-established in 2017 under President Trump.”

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