Biden tells reporters to 'shush up' while discussing debt ceiling negotiations

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During a press conference at the G7 summit in Hiroshima, Japan, Sunday, President Joe Biden told reporters to “shush up” while he answered a question on debt limit negotiations. 

“Are Republicans negotiating in good faith?” a reporter asked. The President started to say, “It goes in stages,” before he was interrupted by another reporter. He responded with “Shush up okay.” 

“This goes in stages, and what happens in the first meetings wasn’t all that progressive.” he continued. “The second ones were, the third one was, and then what happens is the carriers go back to the principles and say this is what we’re thinking about and that people put down new claims.” 

“I still believe we’ll be able to avoid default and we’ll get something decent,” Biden concluded. 

Congress is currently in negotiations to raise the national debt limit. According to Reuters, The Treasury Department has warned that the US would default on its debts if a deal is not struck by June 1st. 

During the press conference, the President called the Republicans’ proposals “unacceptable.” He said, “It is time for Republicans to accept that there is no bipartisan deal to be made solely on their partisan terms. They have to move as well.” 

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