Biden Threatens Business Owners Who Raise Prices to Keep Afloat During Inflation

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Those who don’t learn from — or are in any condition to remember — history are apparently condemned to repeat it.

All three presidents who held office during the 1970s — Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter — all faced issues with inflation. All tried price and/or wage controls to get it under control. All, rather predictably, failed.

President Joe Biden either didn’t learn anything from that malaise of a decade or has (rather plausibly) forgotten it. He’s taking the same approach, albeit with a slightly different tack: Instead of implementing price controls directly, he’s taking to the bully pulpit to tell those lying dog-faced pony soldier corporations not to mess with Corn Pop and start messing with prices or they’ll have something to worry about, jack.

Those are, at least believably, the words that Biden’s handlers and social media team turned into this Thursday social media post:

“Let me be clear to any corporation that hasn’t brought their prices back down even as inflation has come down: It’s time to stop the price gouging,” Biden said.

“Give American consumers a break.”

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