Biden to tackle illegal immigration by making more 'migrants' qualify as legal

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As North American leaders meet for the North American Leaders’ Summit this week, President Biden, Canadian prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador discussed measures to curb “irregular immigration.”

In a White House fact sheet regarding “Key Deliverables for the 2023 North American Leaders’ Summit,” it states that “In particular, the United States, Mexico, and Canada will continue to champion the expansion of legal pathways and other humane measures to address irregular migration in the region.” 

To address so-called “irregular migration” which has seen a record number of migrants cross the border illegally into the US under the Biden administration, the White House stated that these measures include implementing an action plan to “improve coordination and address the root causes of irregular migration,” as well as rolling out a “virtual platform” through the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection “to give migrants streamlined access to legal pathways.” 

The White House states that this virtual platform will “give potential migrants the information they need to come to Mexico, the United States, and Canada lawfully – making them less likely to rely on smugglers who lie about border restrictions in place and put their lives at risk.”

Additionally, the North American leaders will build upon an initiative announced at the last leaders’ summit which would further help migrants access legal entry into the US in person, through a new partnership to create a center in southern Mexico. 

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