Bidenomics Forcing Third of Americans to Punch Overtime Clock to Fund Holidays, Survey Shows

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A majority of Americans are telling poll takers that Bidenomics is causing them to make major changes in their spending habits for the holidays this year, and that they will be unable to spend as much as in years past. Many say they are putting in extra hours just to be able to afford the costs.

The news comes from Empower’s 2023 holiday spending report, according to Fox Business Network.

The report, taken among 1,003 Americans and split across four generations, found that 74 percent say that Bidenflation is causing serious problems for them this year, and 31 percent say they are having to work overtime to bring in enough cash to afford their holiday purchases.

The financial services company’s survey also found that 46 percent are skipping travel and using that money for holiday spending, while three in ten are cutting back on holiday traditions to save money.

“The survey shows that over a third (34%) are trimming their budgets in favor of saving this year, while others are cutting back on buying gifts or non-essential expenses like dining out to stay on track,” Empower spokesman Courtney Burrell told FBN.

“How you allocate your holiday budget will depend on what’s most important to you — this year, you may prioritize travel to visit family that you typically only see during the holidays over decorations or cut back on social commitments in order to give yourself a larger budget for holiday gifts,” Burrell added.

Thirty-seven percent said that they plan to spend no more than $250 on gifts, while only ten percent said they are budgeting $1,000 for gift giving.

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