Biden’s $7.5 Billion for EV Charging Stations Results in Zero Built in Two Years Despite Spending

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President Joe Biden has spent his entire term pushing electric vehicles as a way to end our reliance on fossil fuels with billions of tax dollars spent to achieve the Democrat’s dream. However, a new report finds that thus far one of his programs has failed to live up to its promises despite its multibillion-dollar budget.

In 2021, the Biden administration pushed a $7.5 billion investment in the electric vehicle charging infrastructure and aimed to build thousands of charging stations to allow Americans to use EVs more easily for their daily transportation. Congress quickly followed through, and the measure was added to Biden’s infrastructure bill.

The funding was supposed to consist of $5 billion for the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure program and another $2.5 billion for the Charging and Fueling Infrastructure Discretionary Grant program, according to The Epoch Times.

But two years later, after the budget was passed and the money allocated, not a single charging station has been erected, Politico reported on Tuesday.

Even though the federal government has allocated more than $2 billion to states to begin construction of a network of new charging stations, not only has no construction begun, not a single state has even secured a working contract for said construction, the report said.

No new stations have been built, and there won’t be any at least until 2024, according to Politico.

That didn’t stop the White House from boasting about its efforts in a Nov. 9 “fact sheet” marking the two-year anniversary of the infrastructure law.

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