Biden’s Big Lie Upended After Note Appears Underneath His Tweet: ‘Very Misleading’

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President Joe Biden can keep lying about the jobs his administration has “created” — but Twitter users are going to keep on fact-checking him on one of the biggest lies of his administration.

On Friday evening, Biden’s official presidential account tweeted a misleading graphic touting the job-creation run he claims to be on.

“This is what happens when you invest in America,” he tweeted.

“We have more work to do – but this is real progress.”

Yes — and I wonder why that was. Hmm. Perhaps it was the pandemic and the lockdowns that were put in place?

A community note — a feature added to Twitter under Elon Musk’s management that allows other users to fact-check erroneous posts — was added to the post that added a bit of context: “The record job creation under Biden is due to COVID-19 recovery, rather than any effort by the current President,” it states.

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