Biden's energy sec says the world can 'learn' from China's 'encouraging' energy goals

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On Friday, Biden Administration Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said that other countries could “learn a lot” from China’s investment in clean energy in an interview with Wajahat Ali at the 2023 South by Southwest conference.

“China has been very sensitive and has actually invested a lot in their solutions to achieve their goals. So we’re hopeful that, you know, we can all learn from what China is doing, but the amount of money that they’re investing in clean energy is actually, you know, encouraging,” Granholm said.

Granholm had previously said that all countries “are susceptible to peer pressure” from countries pushing clean energy agendas.

Fox News reports that in the same interview, she shouted directly into the camera, “Climate change is an existential threat!” and then wanted to know if Americans cared about their children of the future.

According to The Post Millennial, electric car batteries manufactured in China have been connected to forced labor camps in the Xinjiang province where criticism has mounted that the Uyghur Muslim community have been forced into slave labor. Reports emerged in 2022 of the EV batteries as well as solar panels likely manufactured in Xinjiang.

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