Biden’s New Spending Proposal Would Mean Almost $700 Per US Taxpayer Is Sent to Ukraine

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The Biden administration on Tuesday called for a further $38 billion dollars for aid to Ukraine.

This comes after a missile thought to have been used by the Russians struck Poland, killing two Polish farmers.

It was later discovered that the missile was Ukrainian, although Ukraine has yet to accept responsibility.

While the story was trending on social media and fervor for Ukrainian support in the midst of high Russian aggression, no one was quick to admit or correct the mistake.

If approved, the measure would bring the total of United States support to $104 billion in under a year, according to a Defense News report.

“We are urging the Congress to provide additional appropriations to ensure Ukraine has the funding, weapons and support it needs to defend itself and that vulnerable people continue to receive lifesaving aid,” Office of Management and Budget Director Shalanda Young wrote to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The $104 billion total Ukraine funding this year would cost almost $700 per taxpayer — in a year when taxpayers have already been plagued by soaring inflation and high prices.

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