Biden’s Press Secretary Tries to Explain Border Crisis, Ends Up with a Question She Knows She Can’t Answer

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For all her ineptitude and evident stupidity, Karine Jean-Pierre might well be the perfect mouthpiece for the Joe Biden White House.

In over her head on every issue, subject to national humiliation on a daily basis for defending the indefensible when it comes to the administration, the White House press secretary is outgunned regularly in a running battle of wits where she’s no better armed than her cognitively impaired boss.

On MSNBC on Friday, she ran out of ammunition completely and gave a clue about what the 2024 presidential election might look like.

After a series of “ain’t-Republicans-awful” questions — the kind even Jean-Pierre can swat back with boilerplate jargon — Haye’s asked something approaching an actual question about illegal immigration: Is the Biden administration considering dealing with the illegal immigration crisis it unleashed by returning to detaining entire families of illegal immigrants, as was the case under former President Donald Trump?

Jean-Pierre couldn’t admit anything Trump did was acceptable. She couldn’t acknowledge the Biden administration has inflicted a disaster of invasion on the country. She couldn’t confess the monumental incompetence of a White House with priorities at odds with fundamental reality.

So she took a page from the repetitious babbling of Kamala Harris — faking an attempt to explain the immigration crisis by spewing out as much incoherence as possible to run out the clock.

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