Biden’s Supreme Court pick mischaracterizes the Black Hebrew Israelites

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On Wednesday, during her Senate confirmation hearing, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was asked about a case regarding a group of Black Hebrew Israelites.

She replied, “This case involved a small community, a cultural community of people who believe in vegan lifestyles. They call themselves African Hebrew Israelites, but it’s not a religious community, it’s a cultural community around healthy living.”

She added, “They have created a restaurant and a series of restaurants here in the Washington, DC area with menus involving really, I’m told, terrific vegan foods.”

Either Judge Jackson is ignorant of who the Black Hebrew Israelites are, or she is lying. Black Hebrew Israelites are a religious community. When I was a student in New York City, I would see them dressed up in priestly garments mimicking the times of the Jewish Temple.

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