Biden’s trans health official Rachel Levine calls on doctors to be activists for 'trans youth'

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Biden’s Assistant Secretary for Health has warned pediatricians that medicine and science are being politically perverted and so called on them to be activists who spread the word about the importance of gender-affirming care, not just in a medical setting but also in schools, recreation centers, and professional organizations.

In a clip shared on Twitter by Megan Brock, Levine delivers an impassioned call to action to an audience of doctors attending the Pitt Pediatric Grand Rounds lecture, calling on them to become “ambassadors for science, ambassadors for compassion, and ambassadors for care.”

“These conversations don’t have to be limited or restricted to a medical setting,” explained Levine. “Offer yourselves as informational resources, not just for youth but for school teachers, principals, school boards, professional organizations, recreation centers, county commissioners, and others who would benefit from this information in your perspective.” 

“Please proactively seek opportunities to speak about what you know. Our task is to educate the public in as many forums as possible. We need to have these conversations that question the assumptions that are underlying today’s attacks on trans people. Pushing back the veil of ignorance demands this extra effort.”

“I believe in our role as healers. I believe in our role as truth-tellers,” said the biological male who medically transitioned in middle age after fathering children and now advocates for minors to be allowed to sacrifice their fertility because they’ve been sold the lie that it’s possible to change sex.

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