Big American Retailer Releases Disturbing New Female Swimsuit: ‘Extra Crotch Coverage,’ ‘Tuck-Friendly’

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Massive American retail chain Target has found itself at the center of an all-too-familiar controversy after its latest line LGBT-themed swimwear set off social media.

This entire controversy appears to have begun when comedian Chrissie Mayr tweeted about her recent discovery of some peculiar swimsuit features on women’s suits at Target.

WARNING: The following tweet contains language the reader may find offensive.

“Thanks to @Target I found the perfect swimsuit for creeping out all the women and children at the pool this summer,” Mayr tweeted. “Can’t wait to tuck my c*** into this little number while sipping a Bud Light!”

The tweet included images of Mayr showing off the multi-colored swimsuits.

Within those images, you can see that two of the touted features of the swim suit are its “tuck-friendly construction” and “extra crotch coverage.” It also appears that these “tuck-friendly” swimsuits run forty dollars.

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