Big-City Mayor Suddenly Goes Silent, Then Collapses to the Ground During Press Conference

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Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante will reduce her workload for a few days after an incident at a Tuesday live news conference that saw her sink to the floor.

Plante was responding to a question about homelessness in the Quebec Province city and was speaking in English when she suddenly stopped speaking for a few seconds.

Plante was talking about directing homeless people “to other kinds of services” when she began to experience difficulty.

“So I would, um,” she began, as her eyes closed and her face lost its animation.

She looked up briefly before clutching the podium where she had been speaking.

“Oh no. I feel unwell,” she said in French as she slid down, according to CBC.

The 49-year-old mayor then sat on the floor, at one point holding out an arm to keep her balance.

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