Biological male Lia Thomas dominates women in NCAA 500 Freestyle Championship victory

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Lia Thomas, a biological male who competes on the UPenn women’s swim team after taking estrogen for more than 30 months, won the 500 freestyle national championship over a field of biological females in Atlanta, Georgia on Thursday.

Thomas’ time of 4:33.24, a season-best for Thomas, was also the top 500 freestyle time in college swimming.

Emma Weyant, a biological female, finished behind Thomas with a  time of  4:34.99, and third place went to Erica Sullivan, who had previously won the silver medal at the Tokyo Games in the 1500-meter freestyle.

While taking the podium, fans in the crowd notable cheered louder for the second place finisher, Emma Weyant, than first place finisher Thomas.

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