Black Commentators Blast NYT for Claiming Travis Kelce Invented the ‘Fade’ Haircut; They Are Forgetting 1 Massive Detail

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Travis Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs are this year’s champions of the American Football Conference and on the verge of potentially repeating as champions of the NFL in the upcoming Super Bowl LVIII, but it seems the man can’t win — off the field, anyway.

Throughout the season — and especially during the playoffs — conservatives and/or football fans who just don’t want to be inundated with cutaway shots to Kelce’s current future ex-girlfriend, pop star Taylor Swift, have tired of the tight end.

Some have even accused the establishment media and the NFL establishment of “conspiracy theories” involving the promotion of the Kelce/Swift romance to boost Joe Biden’s approval ratings, since Swift is a prominent liberal who has endorsed Democrats in the past. (That’d be a hell of a conspiracy, considering the most prominent Democrat she endorsed lost, and big time, but I digress.)

Now, however, Kelce is taking heat for something that has nothing to do with his love life. Nope. It’s for his haircut — and because of second-hand “cultural appropriation.”

On Jan. 29, quite quietly, The New York Times published this hard-hitting piece: “They’ll Take the Travis Kelce — Hairdo, That Is; Not since Jennifer Aniston has a haircut become so popular. Barbers, in America and abroad, are being inundated with requests for ‘the Travis Kelce.’”

Now, in case you’ve forgotten, this is Mr. Kelce’s haircut. (He’s the one on the right.)

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