Black Graduate Stands Up During Biden’s Commencement Speech, Displays the Devastating Message Written on His Cap

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One of the more enduring events of 2005 involved the horror and damage afflicted by Hurricane Katrina.

Perhaps the single most memorable moment of that ordeal, culturally at least, was when rapper and (somehow) 2024 presidential candidate Kanye West, or Ye, as he currently goes by, blurted out in the middle of a fundraising event that then-President George Bush “doesn’t care about black people.”

(Seriously, look at Mike Myers’ awkward and horrified expression, as well as the abrupt cut away from West. It’s comedy gold.)

Bush has actually called that Katrina criticism, including West’s barb, “an all-time low” point of his presidency.

If President Joe Biden had any shame — and there’s increasing evidence he does not — he too may want to have some of that same retrospective as he grapples with his own Kanye West-like incident.

Biden delivered a commencement address to the graduating class of Howard University Saturday morning and, even if you remove whatever evil drivel he managed to pass off as a speech, the entire event was an unmitigated disaster for the president.

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