‘Blind Side’ Family Shows ‘Menacing’ Text Messages from Michael Oher as Court Battle Rages

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The once-heartwarming tale of the Tuohy family taking in football star Michael Oher depicted iTun the famed 2009 movie “The Blind Side” has taken a turn toward tragedy as ex-NFL player Oher accuses the Tuohys of stealing money from him when he was in their care.

And on Monday, the public got a glimpse of how brutal things got.

The player’s inspiring story of growing up in poverty and working his way to fame and success as a top college football player at the University of Mississippi then a first-round NFL draft pick in 2009 was made into the hit film based on the 2006 book carrying the same name as the film. In 2012, Oher published his own book, “I Beat the Odds.”

But for more than a year, Oher has been accusing Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy, the couple who took him in when he was a teen, of stealing money from him and lying to him since the film was released.

Oher, who is black, has claimed that the Tuohys, who are white, made millions off the hit movie starring Sandra Bullock and Quinton Aaron and never gave him his fair share of the proceeds. He has also accused the family — which took him in when he was a homeless teenager and helped support him through high school, a college football career, and into the NFL — of lying to him about wanting to adopt him.

However, Oher’s accusations of theft have struck the writer of the book that started everything as evidence that football has damaged the player’s brain. Author Michael Lewis says he is sure that the Tuohy family gave Oher all the money due him and that none of them ever earned more than “a few hundred thousand dollars” off the film.

Still, on one point, Oher seems to be at least partially correct. The Tuohys have often said in public that Oher was their “son” and that they intended to adopt him, but they never did. Instead, they arranged a legal conservatorship that started when Oher was 18, under which they controlled the football player’s finances.

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