#BoycottHersheys trends after chocolate maker uses biological male to celebrate International Women’s Day

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In honor of International Women’s Day, Hershey Canada has launched five limited edition HER for SHE chocolate bars which are supposed to feature young, inspirational Canadian women who are building a positive future, but the company is facing backlash after deciding to include a biological male in their line-up.

Fae Johnstone, a trans-identified male who has spoken publicly about wanting women with differing political views to be “so vilified” that they don’t dare speak, announced the exciting news on Twitter Wednesday, and not long after, the hashtag #BoycottHershey started to trend as women all over the world expressed their resentment about yet another biological male being honored on a day that is supposed to celebrate women.

“We can create a world where everyone is able to live in public space as their honest and authentic selves,” says executive director of Wisdom2Action Johnstone, in the Hershey promotional video.

But not if you are a woman who has unacceptable opinions such as women are female and humans cannot change sex. According to Johnstone, anyone who doesn’t believe “trans women are women” must be intimidated into silence.

“I actually do want a political environment in which TERFs are so vilified they don’t dare speak their views, let alone act on them,” tweeted Johnstone in 2021. “Shut. Them. Down.”

At the time, Johnstone was calling on elected officials and ministers to denounce “TERF rhetoric for the hate-fuelled speech that it is.”

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