BREAKING: 63.4% of Americans said Biden mishandled Chinese spy balloon: poll

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A new poll has revealed that a majority of Americans believe the Biden administration’s handling Chinese spy balloon has “made America look weak.”

The poll, conducted by The Trafalgar Group, found that 59.2 percent of Americans believe the handling of the balloon, which was allowed to travel across America before being shot down off the coast of South Carolina, “made America look weak” on the world stage.

24.2 percent of respondents said that the handling of the balloon “had no impact” on perceptions of America on the world stage, while just 10.1 percent said “it made America look strong.” 6.5 percent said they were unsure.

The largest percentage of Democrats, 43.6 percent, said that the handling of the balloon had “no impact,” while the majority of Republicans and independents, 84.7 and 64.4 percent, respectively, said that it “made America look weak.”

The poll found that 63.4 percent of Americans said the balloon crisis was mishandled or should have been handled sooner, while just 36.6 percent said the crisis was handled appropriately.

Of those who disapproved of the crisis’ handling, 34.5 percent said it should have been handled sooner, while 28.9 percent said the crisis was mishandled.

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