BREAKING: Andy Ngo locked out of Twitter after reporting on Antifa plan to attack TPUSA Oregon event

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On Tuesday evening, The Post Millennial Editor-At-Large Andy Ngo was locked out of his Twitter account after tweeting out plans from Oregon Antifa members to attack a Turning Point USA campus event.

A screenshot of Twitter’s message regarding the violation states that Ngo violated Twitter’s rules, with no further reason given. In order for his account to be unlocked, Twitter stated that the offending tweet must be deleted.

The tweet in question revealed that Antifa members in Eugene, Oregon planned to attack a Turning Point USA event scheduled to take place at the University of Oregon at 6 pm pst. The Turning Point USA event is set to feature Olympic skeleton racer Anthony Watson and “MAGA Hulk” Stephen Davis.

A post stated that Antifa members should show up wearing black bloc, “leave your phone at home,” “become ungovernable,” “be a nuisance,” “prevent them from spreading hate,” and “bash the fash.” The post also told attendees, “no peace police” and “no tone police.”

While Ngo’s account has been locked for reporting on Antifa actions, accounts posting the flyer for the Antifa attack still remain active.

Twitter owner Elon Musk has stated that accounts, like those belonging to Antifa groups and members, that make posts inciting violence, will be suspended.

In November, Ngo responded to a thread from Elon Musk in which the Twitter owner asked users ” if you see anything that Twitter needs to address,” to which Ngo replied, “A large number of Antifa accounts operate on Twitter to promote riots, give tips on how to commit violent crimes and post names, photos and addresses of targets plus their family members.”

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