BREAKING: Andy Ngo’s Twitter account RESTORED after ban for reporting violent Antifa threats

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After being locked out of his Twitter account for reporting on threats from Antifa against a TPUSA event at the University of Oregon, among other threats of violence, Andy Ngo’s account was restored on Wednesday evening.

Ngo had been locked out under what appeared to be a new policy from Twitter head of Trust and Safety Ella Irwin, that declared that reporting on threats of violence on Twitter is the same as amplifying those threats.

Irwin responded to Ngo and those who were criticizing the move to lock him out, saying “We actioned the original tweets as well. The event has passed so we are unlocking the tweets from accounts that reposted as they are no longer helping amplify a current threat.” In other words, since the dates about which violence were threatened had passed, it was safe for the tweets to be restored.

On Tuesday evening, The Post Millennial editor-at-large Ngo was locked out of his Twitter account after tweeting out plans from Oregon Antifa members to attack a Turning Point USA campus event.

A screenshot of Twitter’s message regarding the violation states that Ngo violated Twitter’s rules, with no further reason given. In order for his account to be unlocked, Twitter stated that the offending tweet must be deleted.

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