BREAKING: Antifa turn violent outside NYC women's rights event, 7 people arrested

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During Monday’s last stop of Kellie-Jay Keen’s Let Women Speak tour in New York City, multiple arrests were made as protestors turned violent and attempted to breach the barricade set up to protect speakers at the event. Keen herself was prevented from attending by police, who said they wouldn’t risk their men to get her to the front of the crowd.

Antifa members were seen in attendance at the protest dressed in black bloc, pushing barricades that were set up around city hall. The Post Millennial’s Libby Emmons was on hand to document the protest. Trans rights activists screamed that the women were fascists and Nazis for their belief that biological sex is real.

One woman recording from city hall before the event said,  “They have been pushing back the barricade. They have shoved, attacked, pushed, pulled, I’ve been assaulted several times already this morning. There was an arrest earlier, someone tried to broach the barrier.”

According to the New York Post, at least seven people were arrested at what they called a “gay rights rally.” It was, however, a women’s rights event.

“The arrests were made as pro- and anti-gay rights protesters clashed at the event around 1 pm,” the article stated, not noting that the event was actually for women speaking up about biological men in women’s spaces, and the medicalized gender transitions being performed on children.

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