BREAKING: Avril Lavigne kicks woke, topless, 'Land Back' protester off stage: ‘Get the f*ck off, b*tch’

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During the Juno ceremony in Edmonton, Alberta on Monday, Canadian star Avril Lavigne had to tell off a topless protestor from the stage who had several activist slogans on her, such as “LAND BACK” and phrases against the Ontario government’s development of the Greenbelt.

The show was interrupted after the woman jumped onto the stage, topless, with the phrases such as “LAND BACK” written on her body.

Video from the event shows Avril speaking to the crowd, when a woman behind her takes the stage. No action is taken until Lavigne noticed the protestor, to which she told her to “get the f*ck off, bitch” as a security guard began to escort the young woman off. Avril continued to speak, and the show continued on without interruption. 

“In November, the Ontario government issued new regulations to remove 7,400 acres of protected Greenbelt land and open it up for housing. Officials said they expect about 50,000 new homes to be built on the former Greenbelt land, with construction to begin by no later than 2025,” reports CTV.

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