BREAKING: Biden calls for removal of Russia from the G20

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President Joe Biden called on Thursday for the removal of Russia from the G20, and for Ukraine to be able to attend G20 meetings, despite not being part of that group. He also said that the “food shortages are gonna be real,” as regards the consequences of war between two of the world’s largest wheat producers, and the sanctions imposed on Russia.

“Do you think that Russia needs to be removed from the G20?” Biden was asked by a reporter.

“My answer is yes,” Biden said. “Depends on the G20. That was raised today.”

“And I raised the possibility if that can’t be done, if Indonesia and others do not agree, then we should, in my view, ask to have both Ukraine be able to attend the meetings, as well as basically Ukraine being able to attend the G20 meetings and observe,” Biden said.

Biden was in Europe this week to discuss the recent but ongoing conflict after Russia invaded Ukraine more than three weeks ago. Vice President Kamala Harris was in Europe last week.

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