BREAKING: Biden struggles to clarify comments on Putin, troops in Ukraine

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After speaking about his administration’s proposed spending plan on Monday afternoon, President Joe Biden took questions from reporters about his remarks last week when he appeared to say Russian President Vladimir Putin should be removed from power, and that US troops would see conditions on the ground in Ukraine when they are there.

After Biden made the remarks about Putin, the White House walked back the comments, saying that Biden was not expressing a US intention toward regime change in Russia. Biden on Monday said he was “not walking anything back.”

When multiple reporters asked what he meant about saying that Putin could not remain in power and the White House reversing what Biden said right after he said it, Biden said “I’m not walking anything back. The fact of the matter is I was expressing the moral outrage I felt.”

“I want to make it clear I wasn’t then, nor am I now, articulating a policy change. I was expressing moral outrage that I feel,” Biden said, remarking that he makes “no apologies” for his personal feelings on the matter.

He was asked again if he was walking back the regime change comments, and he said again that it was a personal moral perspective that he was relating. Biden said that if Putin “continues on this course, he is going to become a pariah worldwide.”

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