BREAKING: Charlie Kirk's TPUSA and Candace Owens' BLEXIT will be coming together—BLEXIT now powered by TPUSA

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“We want to continue and bring this to the next level,” Kirk said, noting that the Blexit programs on campuses will be integrated with TPUSA programs as well.

In the Spaces, Owens and Kirk revealed that they first met in California when they were speaking at the same event, and Kirk immediately offered her a job. He said he realized right away she would be “one of the biggest voices” in the American conservative movement.

BLEXIT has founded 44 State Chapters across the country, has over 14,000 volunteer members, and more than 60,000 supporters. BLEXIT also hosts 4 annual events that serve as gathering points for leaders who want to restore and renew traditional values within black and urban communities.

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