BREAKING: Fox News to carry Trump's CPAC speech live after Bannon blasts network

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Fox News will air former President Donald Trump’s CPAC speech on Saturday following Steve Bannon’s remarks on Friday calling out the Murdoch’s as a “bunch of foreigners” that have “fear and loathing” for conservatives.

Bannon posted on Gettr, “Fox News is now taking President Trump’s speech LIVE from CPAC — thanks to my speech yesterday where I go to the central problem—Rupert Murdoch and His Family of Foreigner, ” linking to a story highlighting his speech where he said “Show us what the Murdoch’s, a bunch of foreigners, have given us. What have they given this country? Nothing.”

Bannon later added, “They don’t respect you, read the depositions. They have a fear and loathing and contempt for you. And you are the ones that can make changes.”

Bannon also said about Fox, “no more softball interviews to the guys run against him (Trump). And no more infomercials. Okay, play it straight.”

“You play it straight and Donald Trump’s gonna win the primary and Donald Trump’s gonna win the presidency,” Bannon added.

Bannon criticized Fox News’ coverage of Trump, stating, “What happened in the first week of January, you had Matt Gaetz and Boebert and the magnificent six and they put it on the line. And what did Fox News do? They rolled out Karl Rove and the hack from the Bush administration that got us in this mess and say we need unity.”

“Donald J Trump is not simply a leader of a political party. He is not a politician. He is a leader of the most powerful political movement in American history. MAGA, MAGA, MAGA,” Bannon later said.

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