BREAKING: Freedom Convoy arson hoax spread by Canadian media DEBUNKED

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A man has been charged in connection with the Feb. 6 botched arson attempt at an Ottawa apartment complex during the Ottawa Freedom Convoy protests. Members of the Trudeau Liberals and mainstream media journalists spread the unsubstantiated claim that Connor Russell Mcdonald, 21, of Ottawa was involved with the protests.

Police wrote in a news release on Monday that “There is no information indicating MCDONALD was involved in any way with the Convoy protest which was going on when this arson took place.”

He has been charged with

There were widespread claims that a fire was deliberately set by pro-convoy supporters inside an apartment’s lobby in the Centretown area, located near the intersection of Lisgar and Metcalfe Streets, over one month ago as the Freedom Convoy entered its second week of demonstrations in Ottawa’s downtown core.

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