BREAKING: Georgia educator caught illegally pushing CRT by Project Veritas claims his comments were 'taken out of context'

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On Thursday, Project Veritas released the third part in their expose of Teaching Lab Director Dr. Quinton Bostic, who had previously been revealed to be selling critical race theory curriculum to schools in Georgia despite the state’s ban on the teaching subject. 

In part 3 of the investigation, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe sat down with Bostic to confront him on the comments he said to the group’s undercover journalist. 

During the conversation, Bostic doubled down on his comments, saying, “You cannot teach — you cannot teach critical race theory to kindergarteners, let me be very clear when I say that. Critical race theory is a theoretical framework to help us to guide conversation around race and racism.” 

O’Keefe said that Bostic was teaching the concept “through the guise of DEI, per your own words,” to which Bostic said, “Yeah, like, for example, one of the tenants of critical race theory is the idea of colorblindness and racism, and so we help students to see color and help them to see the differences in their ethnicities and races and how much these races contributed to society, so for sure.”

Bostic also called his reworking of critical race theory “navigating a social-political climate,” later adding that “the state of Georgia does not have a rule that says that we should not teach students to see color.”

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