BREAKING: Hunter Biden indicted by federal grand jury on 9 counts related to his tax returns

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Hunter Biden has been indicted by a federal grand jury on 9 counts related to his tax returns. The indictment includes felonies.

NBC News’s Tom Winter broke the news on X.

Biden had charges brought against him by Weiss in September related to false statements made during a firearm purchase, had these. The charges stemmed from a breakdown of a June plea deal in a Delaware courtroom. 

Legal expert Jonathan Turley speculated that these chrages could be a way to disrupt Hunter Biden’s congressional testimony that was slated to happen on December 13th.

“The immediate question is whether this leak will be used to kick over the table in Congress. Hunter was holding a bad hand with a real threat of contempt if he failed to appear for the deposition… After the leak, he could invoke his right to remain silent in light of the refusal to allow him to testify publicly and the second indictment. That would require a vote of immunity from Congress to force him to testify, which will not likely occur…”

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