BREAKING: Jay Inslee will not seek 4th term as Washington's governor in 2024

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“Serving the people as governor of Washington state has been my greatest honor. During a decade of dynamic change, we’ve made Washington a beacon for progress for the nation. I’m ready to pass the torch,” Inslee said in a statement.

“Our last decade of Washington’s storied history is one of growth and innovation. I am proud to have played a role in our state’s leadership on so many fronts. We’ve passed the nation’s best climate policies, the most successful family leave benefits, the best college scholarship programs, a more fair legal justice system, and the most protective actions against gun violence. We’ve shown that diversity is a strength worth fighting for. This has been ten years of dynamic success,” Inslee said.

Under Inslee’s governance, Washington state has succumbed to criminal lawlessness as well as an existential homeless crisis rippling throug the evergreen state. Immediately following the announcement, critics of the governor took to social media to praise Inslee’s decision to step down from his post, saying “good riddance.”

“Washingtonians should be proud. We successfully solved the homeless epidemic, made strives to save planet earth through increased tax efforts, safely allowed children to surgically remove sexual organs, and closed businesses that spread the Covid,” a parody account of Inslee wrote.

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