BREAKING: Journalist attacked, man bloodied by Antifa during Detransition Awareness Day rally in Sacramento

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During a Detransition Awareness Day rally in Sacramento, California on Friday, Antifa members attacked a journalist as well as an unidentified man, leaving him with a bloody face.

A group of Antifa extremists was seen wearing dark clothing and masks and marching with pride flags, signs, and shields, with Frontlines reporter Kalen D’Almeida getting hit in the face with a long object wielded by one of the Antifa members.

In footage taken by YouTuber Oreo Express, a man was seen afterward with blood streaming down his face as gets assistance from the police, who were stationed a distance away from the group.

According to D’Almeida, the man received a concussion, with his head being split open. Blood was seen dripping onto his clothing. 

Antifa members were later seen in the footage attacking another person on the sidelines, as well as a camera person.

Twitter accounts @pridewasariot_ and @submedia were both suspended from Twitter, with the accounts calling for violence against the rally.

On Instagram, the @pridewasariot_ posted a flyer calling for action against the rally, stating, “Chloe ‘Cole’ Brockman and her astro-turfed gang of transphobes are assembling across the street from the CA GOP convention. Last weekend, Chloe spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) where Michael Knowles called for the eradication of transgenderism, to wide applause.”

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