BREAKING: Kari Lake announces largest ballot chasing operation in US History, plans to go to SCOTUS with election case

Former GOP Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake announces the launch of a ballot chasing operation in Arizona

“We are officially launching the largest, most extensive ballot chasing operation in our state’s history and frankly, possibly in American history,” Lake said during a press conference. “The courts just ruled that this corrupt election will stand. The courts just ruled that our elections can run lawlessly. The courts have ruled that anything goes. Well, we can play by those same rules.”


An Arizona judge on Monday dismissed Lake’s challenge of her 2022 gubernatorial election loss against Democrat Katie Hobbs. 

“We’re going to inundate them with so many mail in ballots, their heads are going to spin,” Lake said.

Lake said during her press conference that they are still going to continue to pursue taking her election case to the United States Supreme Court. 

Lake has been a rising figure in the GOP, specifically with her fight for election integrity. She has hinted at a possible Senate run in recent months, although she has yet to officially declare her candidacy. 

After losing to current Arizona Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs, Lake contested the results of the 2022 election in court, arguing that thousands of Republican voters were disenfranchised on Election Day, when voting machine errors occurred in at least 60% of the voting centers in Maricopa County.

Article by Just the News.

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