BREAKING: KARI LAKE AT CPAC: 'This is our moment right now'

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Kari Lake, newly nominated gubernatorial contender for the GOP in the state of Arizona, took the CPAC stage on Saturday afternoon. She spoke about how she came to leave Fox and become a candidate for political office, saying that “she was no longer willing to work for” Fox, and was “no longer willing to lie to the people of this country.”

Lake said that she was recruited by the people of Arizona to run for office, and called the AZ GOP and said “how do I run for office? What do I do?” And she invited her friends from church, “church ladies,” she said, to come over and form “the most rag tag team” to run her political campaign.

“We didn’t play by the rules because frankly I didn’t know what the rules were,” Lake said. Advisors and experienced politicos gave her advice, and she said she ignored all of it.

“I did it my way and I listened to the good people of Arizona,” she told the crowd to a round of applause.

“The lies, the nastiness,” she said of media and opponents who have taken photos of her children, parked outside her home, and tried to personally intimidate her. When she spoke to President Trump about her concerns, she reported that she said “don’t stop because that means you are directly over the target.”

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