BREAKING: MintChipMusic suspended from Twitter after posting 'Kyle Rittenhouse Turkey Shoot' game

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Twitter user MintChipMusic was suspended on Thursday for allegedly violating the company’s rules over a post promoting a new online game called The Kyle Rittenhouse Turkey Shoot. 

The post read “The Kyle Rittenhouse Turkey Shoot video game is LIVE! Play it now and own the libs at” and the account was said to have violated their “rules against glorifying violence.”

On Thanksgiving Day, Rittenhouse posted, “HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  I teamed up with @MintChipMusic to launch the official Kyle Rittenhouse TURKEY video game and it’s available!” 

In the game, which is linked via the tweet, a cartoon version of Rittenhouse can be seen shooting turkeys in various cartoon settings with a laser gun. 

Embedded tweets of the original post can be viewed on the site and Mint Chip along with Rittenhouse announcing the game.

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