BREAKING: MSNBC calls Biden 'politically courageous' for not standing up to China in State of the Union speech

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Following President Biden’s State of the Union speech on Tuesday evening, MSNBC’s Andrew Mitchell said that Biden was “politically courageous” for not taking a more aggressive stance on China during the speech.

“Even the House Republicans will not separate themselves from Ukraine, but on China, what Joe Biden did tonight by not taking on China more aggressively was politically courageous, if you will, in terms of the domestic support, because, as you know, the polling is that, you know, 75 percent of Americans are getting tough on China,” she said.

“They want a tougher line and the Republicans are in line with that and a lot of Democrats are and there’s going to be a resolution next week and it’s going to pass with Democratic support,” Mitchell added.

During Biden’s address, he told the nation that “I’ve made clear with President Xi that we seek competition, not conflict.”

Biden said that his administration is investing to “make America strong,” as well as investing in alliances to protect America’s technologies.

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