BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi lands in Taiwan

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plane landed in Taiwan on Tuesday morning, in what is being described a visit from the highest-ranking US official in 25 years. Pelosi made her way to Taiwan as the Chinese People’s Liberation Army scrambled in the air as a show of force.

Officials in both Russia and China have urged Pelosi not to make the trip. Her trip has been widely criticized, as it seems to many to be relatively pointless. Tucker Carlson alleged that it was “one of the weirdest moments in the weirdest presidency in American history,” while Human Event Daily’s Jack Posobiec said the trip might be predicated upon her investment in the Taiwanese tech industry.

It was only two days ago that Pelosi seemed to drop Taiwan from her official itinerary.

The Pentagon had downplayed concerns of Pelosi’s trip, though China said that any visit by Pelosi to Taiwan would be seen as “support” of “Taiwan independence” from Chinese officials, and that Beijing would not “turn a blind eye” to it.

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Pelosi Arrives in Taiwan

Pelosi Arrives in Taiwan Amid Chinese Threats of Military Violence