BREAKING: Project Veritas exposes NYC private school teacher turning students into activists

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On Wednesday, Project Veritas released a video containing an undercover conversation with a student director at New York City’s Trinity School, where the female teacher unveiled how she and other teachers at the school inject activism into their teachings.

Jennifer ‘Gina’ Norris, Director of Student Activities at the Trinity School in New York City, was seen boasting about her teachings to the undercover Project Veritas journalist.

The Trinity School, which Norris described as “a really fancy private school up on the Upper West Side” that’s “definitely a school where conservatives would not feel comfortable,” serves kids in grades K-12, and for the 2022-23 school year costs $58,385 for grades K-8, and $58,495 for grades 9-12 per year.

Norris told the journalist that “I don’t hide how I feel, but I can’t pretend I’m [not] promoting an agenda even though I clearly am with all the stuff I’m doing.”

“But when I first started there I hid my whole life. I felt like a double agent or something,” she added.

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