BREAKING: Slack permanently suspends Libs of TikTok over 'violations of acceptable use policy'

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“We’ve engaged with the RNC to communicate that no messages on behalf of President Trump and no messages questioning the validity or integrity of the election are allowed on our platform under the guidelines that they may incite violence,” Taylor said.

“We’re looking across our customer base to make sure our technology is not being used by businesses or platforms that are inciting political violence,” Taylor said.

Eric Loeb, Salesforce Executive VP of Government Affairs, said that “We are pausing all PAC contributions… the pause or suspension certainly includes the suspension of any contributions to members of Congress that voted to object to the [presidential election] certification.”

This comes as Salesforce informed Project Veritas that the media company has been the subject of a “business decision” to end their working relationship with the company. Project Veritas reported that “No explanation or reasoning was provided.”

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