BREAKING: Trans activist who attacked anti-child sex change activist ‘Billboard Chris’ identified as PSU faculty member

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The person accused of sealing the phone of Chris Elston, also known as Billboard Chris, has been identified as Chrissa Mae Kalal, a transgender adjunct professor at Portland State University’s geology department.

Kalal attempted to snatch Elston’s phone during a stop earlier this month at the campus, where Elston stood wearing a sign saying “children cannot consent to puberty blockers” and was harassed and attacked by students.

Kalal appeared to grab the phone from Elston’s grip, and began to ride off him Kalal’s bike before being stopped by Elston grabbing onto Kalal’s backpack. The phone was retrieved by a member of Elston’s team from the ground nearby and returned to him.

Earlier in the day, Kalal was seen attempting to interrupt interviews with students, pushing a bicycle in between the interviewer and the woman being interviewed.

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