BREAKING: Trump says he will suspend talk of election fraud unless he sees election fraud

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On Wednesday, former President Donald Trump sat down for a town hall event with CNN and was pressed on his stance on the 2020 election results, with a voter asking if he would cease “polarizing” talk of election fraud.

“Will you suspend polarizing talk of election fraud during your run for president?” an undecided voter from Concord, New Hampshire who voted for Trump in 2020 asked.

“Yeah, unless I see election fraud,” Trump responded. “If I see election fraud, I think I have an obligation to say it.”

“And you know what we went through a short while ago has really put our country in a big problem.”

Trump said that “we should have voter ID, we should have one-day elections, we should have paper ballots instead of these mail-in votes. But the answer is yes, and I hope that it’s going to be very straight up because if it’s going to be straight up, we’re going to win the election.”

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins pressed Trump, saying, “so you will suspend talk, to his question, about the 2020 election on the campaign trail?”

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